The Question

I was talking to a very dear and wonderful friend of mine earlier this evening about the work that I do with mindfulness, energy healing and life coaching. I am not one to push my own stuff on to anyone else, but I do like to offer what I do to help others. My friend has always seemed very resistant to my work as a healer and coach whenever it would be brought up in conversation. Tonight, I told her I felt she was resistant when I would bring up my work and asked her if she would rather I didn’t offer it to her any longer. She asked me a question that I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about.

She asked, “Why hasn’t it worked for you?”

I responded generically saying something like, “It’s a process.”

After I left her place … I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about that question.

It was a great question actually.

The fact is … it has worked for me … over and over again.

Because life has ups and downs, man.

Have you ever heard “if you are a flat line ..,.that means you are dead?” It is so true!

The thing is … the techniques I use have worked … and have been proven to work in my life and for many others I have worked with … over and over and over again.

I have healed my own depression, PTSD and addictions. I have witnessed medical miracles. I have see many shift into a higher consciousness. I have seen so many, including myself, take steps and begin loving themselves even after they believed they would never be lovable to anyone.

Do I have more work to do? Yep. Absolutely.

But … I am here today because of the mindfulness, energy work and coaching that I have used and incorporated into my life.

I am an internationally published photographer and writer. I created my dream job and cash seemingly out of thin air when I applied the techniques in my daily life.

I have had great loves.

I have healed relationships and created so many new wonderful ones.

I feel so blessed every day to even be here considering the traumatic past I experienced as a child.

I am compassionate, I love, I laugh and for the most part I live with a lot of peace in my heart …  more than I had ever imagined I could have.

It is only when I am NOT doing what I know works – to create that abundance of love and laughter and peace – that it appears it isn’t working.

And … the truth is … even when I can’t see it working,  it is all still working “behind the curtain.” Wonderful magical things are still just waiting for me to align with them. For it is only when we are in alignment with our highest selves, God, the Universe, that we can have all of those things (and far more.)

There are times in our lives when we lose momentum. I have done my yoga and meditation practice most every day for the past 11 years … only missing a few days during all of that time. Sometimes shit happens, you know? Like me having influenza (the icky kind), which turned into pneumonia, that brought me down for almost three weeks. In times such as those – we can lose our momentum and it might take a bit to get back to where we need to be.

And a very cool part was that during that down time … I learned new techniques and practices that I can now use and incorporate not only in my own life, but I can teach what I learned during that time of contrast in my life to those I work with as well. You see … because there is beauty and good in everything.

So … in answer to your question my dear dear lovely friend … it has worked for me and will continue to as long as I continue to do what I know works.

I love you and I thank you so much for not being afraid to ask the questions that reveal so many beautiful answers. I am so blessed with you my beautiful friend.

Love love love to all … xo




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