Yarn-bombed little-people wrestlers

I woke up this morning thinking about creating a photo series featuring yarn-bombed little-people wrestlers. “What the hell did I eat last night?” was my next thought.

Okay … so this might not be something I’ll actually do or focus on. But … I’ll tell you what … this thought got my imagination sparked. Like …  that spark has been out for a while too as I’ve gotten comfortable in my job as a photojournalist, which I have actually loved. So … I’ve been asking for some direction on what I could love more than what I’m currently doing in order to take my next step.

And what does this have to do with yarn-bombed little-people wrestlers?

Well … doing an intentional photo series, instead of my journalistic work, would give me more control over my subjects and more creative license (instead of shooting from the hip and putting up with horrific lighting conditions), having the chance to play a bit more with my photos. These things sound appealing … very appealing.

After working as a photojournalist, I’ve learned a great deal about photography and lighting and people and so much more. And I’m so grateful for it all. But, as I have been looking to take a step forward in my career, I hadn’t yet felt excited about anything else other than doing what I have been doing.

One silly idea comes into my head and I know my path, something to look into at least. And I’m excited.

Studio work? Or creating art perhaps?

Annie Leibovitz.

Annie Leibovitz started as a photojournalist and became known for her iconic images of people. She’s a major player and I’ve always loved her story and her work.

I have a few groups, clubs I could perhaps start with. (Those of you who might be reading this might know who you are). Do little interviews … really get to know someone and create a portrait of that person … an iconic portrait.

I still have my little portable studio. I will totally need an upgrade though. New equipment … what photographer doesn’t love that idea? (If you’re a mechanic or a carpenter, think new tools. If you’re a fashionista, think new shoes. Yeah…that’s what it feels like for a photographer to think about new equipment). Manifesting new equipment … yep, I’ve done that before and I can totally do that again.

I can travel around the U.S. doing it (in my RV) (with my dog). I don’t have my RV nor a dog – yet – but this is something I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time.

Would I do this on my own? Or maybe work for a while with someone I can learn from?

Annie Leibovitz?

Hmmm … the juices are flowing.

The point of this blog is not just to share crazy thoughts that come into my head. The point is to not dismiss crazy little ideas when they come to you. Go with it for a moment and see where it takes you.

Those thoughts, like everything else in and around you, are there for a reason and could very well lead you to the answers you’ve been searching for. Those thoughts could lead you to life of your dreams.

I totally just Googled “yarn-bombed little people wrestlers.” No one else has done it – yet. (wink)

Next post – manifesting.

Love ya!

xo … lj


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