Riding the storm out

Last night, we experienced a wicked storm…maybe one of the worst this summer. Now, I’m used to Iowa storms (having previously lived on the edge of tornado alley) so, I have experienced some doozies … but, last night’s storm was pretty wild.

Lightning and wind. The threat of a power outage. Torrential rain and flash flooding.

I’ve kind of felt I’ve been living in a storm the past several weeks. It’s amazing how easy it is, while riding the storms out, how we forget the calm after the storms.

Just like the calm after a storm, this morning I feel better, clearer. Not yet a place of certainty, but a place of faith. (I did, after all, make it through another storm).

I am on a journey. We all are.

There will be storms…there will be times of calm and clarity.

It’s just the way life is.

When you storms overtake you, there are many tools to help you get through them (mediation, movement and conversations with a good friend or with God – to name a few).

Take a deep breath, right now. All the way down into your belly. Doesn’t that feel better?

Take another one. Nice, right?

One more deep deep breath.

Ahhhh…that is how it can feel.

Deep breathing can turn fear into excitement, pain into clarity and sorrow into understanding. (It’s also really an amazing way to lose weight and heal your body … more on that in future post).

Deep breathing can get you through the worst anxiety.

So, whether you are riding a storm out, or experiencing the calm after the storm … just keep breathing.

Life really is that simple.

I love you all and will be with you again soon … xo.

#LoriJayneLifeCoach #LifeIsSimple #JustKeepBreathing

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