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On being a love machine

I’ve had a lot of things I’ve thought I’ve wanted … for a long long time. For as long as I can remember actually. A certain type of home. A certain type of car. A certain type of relationship.

But I believe we have recently been through a reboot and it is time for a holistic garage sale.

What was relevant before no longer is. A lot of what I desired before is no longer needed or or even wanted.

My desires have changed. The dreams I once had may no longer be relevant. Now…just like when cleaning stuff out for a garage sale … there will be some things you might like to hold on to and some that you are ready to let go of.

Think of this time though as the big clean out. And instead of getting rid of a few and keeping the majority…this is the big big clearning.

Instead of keeping all but two shirts, it’s time to keep two best of the best and get rid of the rest. Why? Because the human vibration has shifted and bumped up more than ever before and it’s time we all learn to stay in the highest possible vibration.

This is it. We are here. No more waiting or going back and forth from one dimension to the next. We are here…heaven on earth…and there is no need to ever go back.

We have heralded in a time of instant creation and manifestation. We used to say “be careful what you wish for”…that’s not a problem anymore because you know that whatever you wish for is already yours and if it brings you the illusion of hard”ship”, we can now trust even that “ship” is going to take us where we truly want to go, be, do and have.

How do we guide that new ship?

Be happy. Just be happy. Breathe and enjoy life. Have compassion. Be kind. Share love. Be love. Be a happy little love machine. Love everyone. Love yourself. That’s it. Just be happy. Do whatever it takes to just be happy.

Sound simple? It is. And it has never been more so because we are now fully supported and living in the highest vibe we have never before experienced.

So it’s time to do a little dance and yes I’m going to say it, “make a little love” (take that however you wish).

We have arrived.

This would be a great day to make a list of what you do want.

Take a little inventory of what you have wanted in the past though and what is relevant still today. I mean … do you really still want that pair of bell-bottoms or  the banana seat bicycle? Make the list from where you are now from who you are now and watch the magic happen. It will.

Happy birthday. Happy Fall Equinox. Happy Whatever!

Your wish truly is YOUR  command. Make it happen. You truly can.

Have a great day my little love machines.

xxoo … lj


Successful or Significant?

There was a time that I was coached to start writing a “success journal” for 30 days. The suggestion was that if I were to miss a day, I would start over at day one again.

My first attempt was really successful. I wrote for 27 straight days and I could tell writing the entries in my success journal were making an impact on me. It was helping me to feel more successful and more competent. Great suggestion from my life coach (yes…I have a life coach too because life coaches are  frickin’ awesome).

All was going well until I read something somewhere that said something about seeking significance over success. Oh my goodness – that truly spoke to my spiritual activist heart.

So … on the 28th day, I started to write about being significant. Success is great. It’s great to reach your goals. But  – what if real success meant that we can make a difference – that we can be significant. Think of how that can change you – how that can change our world.

Every day I now chose to do something that will be significant, even if it is just saying hello and smiling at the scary guy at the city council meeting. Did this change his life? Ha … probably not. But at least I felt good knowing that I was able to say to someone, who might feel alone in his troubles, that he is worth my time to say hello and share a smile with. That even though people may not agree with his view points in the meeting … there was someone there who took the time to say hi.

You know, maybe it wasn’t significant to him … but it was to me. It feels good to be and do good. Is being significant selfish? Damn right it is. And … you never know just when what you are giving is the going to be important to the person you are giving it to.

At one point in my professional career I was a bit down in the dumps and wondered if my work was good enough to step further up my career path in my field. Then, one day, a young woman who I worked with was proofing pages ready to be sent to our printer. She said, “I was looking at your photos and how they were placed on the page and I thought they were so amazing! When I looked at each person’s facial expression I felt like I knew what they were thinking or how they were feeling … it was just an overall beautiful layout and I thought, “I gotta tell Lori! Her photography is awesome and this particular collage was breathtaking!”

Her comment to me brought tears to my eyes. So many days I felt my work wasn’t good enough to move to the next level … especially with my photography. I’m so grateful to her. Thank you dear sweet girl…you gave me the motivation to keep moving forward.

How will you be significant today?

Love to all…xo