Thanksgiving Day – ‘Celebrating’ the murder of indigenous people

faded DSC_9446 - Copy

The Headdress by lori jayne photojournalist – copyrighted 2018

The paper pilgrim hats and Native American inspired headdress I made and wore during my elementary school years were intended to celebrate a day of “Thanksgiving” for the peaceful relationship between the indigenous people of the Americas with colonizers.

A pretty picture, but history tells us the picture was totally inaccurate. It breaks my heart to think that for all the years I celebrated the relationship between the Native people and my ancestors, the knowledge held in the hearts of indigenous people was that the original Thanksgiving not only saw the killing of hundreds of indigenous Wampanoag people, but led to the genocide of millions of indigenous people throughout North and South America due to colonization.

This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for my Native friends and those who are teaching me the truth of our shared pasts. I want my Native friends to know that I am an ally and will continue to learn and share the truth of the history of the indigenous people and my ancestors.

As a holistic life coach, I teach a Polynesian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation called Ho’oponopono. “Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.” Repeating these words has proven to be a powerful way to shift the brokenness in our hearts and can start the healing process. “Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.”

As a young girl “celebrating” Thanksgiving…I didn’t know what I didn’t know about the truth of Thanksgiving. But this Thanksgiving, knowing the truth of the history of our country and trauma that still resides in the hearts of many of the indigenous people I know and love, I am filled with love and gratitude because I know that truth and I will not be silent, I will pray for forgiveness and reconciliation using Ho’oponopono, and I can and will be a part of the healing.

I love you all … xo

#LoriJayneLifeCoach #Ho’oponopono #EnjoyTheTurkey #KnowTheTruth

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