Lovable – the bigger story

As a reporter, I’ve prided myself in the detail and accuracy of my stories and that I take every opportunity to spread the love with everything I write.

Last week, my local sheriff called me. I misquoted him. Ugg. The misquote was regarding something the sheriff said about our city administrator. Double ugg.

It was unintentional, of course, and it was basically one word, but the mistake made me feel like such a failure. I did apologize and the correction will be in the next issue of the paper, but I felt awful. I felt I let down my readers and the trust and respect I have earned with our community leaders. Instead of using my gifts to bring people together, this mistake had the potential to pull people further apart.

And then, in the midst of my heart sinking into failure mode, my editor said, “You’re human. It was just a mistake. Let it go.”

Her simple response, in one little moment,  taught me  to let go of feeling bad when I’m being human … that I have and will make mistakes and it’s okay.

The funny thing is … all this time (being in my ego) I felt I worked with my editor to help her break down the walls she has built around her heart. Maybe, though, it was about her helping me to learn it’s okay to be human, to leave a few walls up to protect my sweet heart and not be so sensitive to others opinions of me.

The bigger picture?

This means, of course, that I’m lovable even though I’m not, never have been and never will be, perfect … but because I am human.

#thank you #setfree #lorijaynelifecoach

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